Downloading eBooks

You can access eBooks that you have purchased by logging into your account at When you first log in you will see a list of your order history, including order numbers and the dates the orders were placed. Click the underlined order # to for more information. From there you will see a link at the bottom of the page that reads, "Click Here to Download your order." This link will take you to a list of your downloads from this order.

If you do not have an account set up or are having trouble accessing your account, you should also have received an email with the links to your digital content at the time the order was placed. Try checking in your spam or junk email folders to see if it was filtered there or you can contact or call 800-351-7541 for more help.

Our eBooks come in 3 formats, .mobi files for Kindle users, .epub files for general eBook readers and .pdf files for document readers. You simply click on the file type you prefer to begin the download. Each type of file requires a specific program to open it. If using a mobile device you may need to download the appropriate app. I would suggest using the .pdf file type if you are unsure, and downloading Adobe Reader app if needed.

Once dowloaded move the file(s) to wherever you store your eBooks. You may need to transfer the file(s) to your eBook reader by syncing the device with your computer and moving the appropriate file to your device's library. Some instructions for Kindle users can be found here:  Transfer .mobi files to Kindle. For more help with your eBooks, you may need to contact Kindle support (or support for the eReader program you are using).

If you purchased an eBook before 3/1/17 and are no longer able to access the files, you may need to have your digital content transferred over from our previous website. Please contact to begin that process.