Ordering Outside of the U.S.

Brilliant Book House is able to ship to any location in the world. Shipping to some countries may incur taxes, brokerage fees or import tariffs that are beyond our control and will be the responsibility of the purchaser. We only use United States Postal Service International Priority Mail for all international orders. Delivery times are quoted at 2 - 6 weeks. Shipping time will vary depending on your country's import practices. All our prices are listed in USD, so orders from outside the United States may be subject to conversion fees charged by your bank or credit card company.

Orders to Canada start at $22.75 USD for orders under 4lbs or of a certain size.

All other international orders start at $31.30 USD for orders under 4lbs or of a certain size.

Some customers prefer to place a larger order all at once to make the flat rate shipping more economical. You may also want to consider purchasing MP3s or eBooks as those do not require shipping.

We do have some product distributors outside of the country that may be able to provide our products at a more affordable shipping rate. Please contact them directly for stock and availability.

Australia/New Zealand:  Koorong.com

Canada:  AtwellBooks.com

South Africa:  KarmalBooks.co.za

UK:  OriginBooks.org or 316 Europe